5 Games like Age of Empires IV: RTS Games

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Age of Empires IV is nearly here, after over a decade of waiting for a new release in the storied franchise. Can Xbox Games Studios deliver? We will find out in due course.

With the long-awaited fourth edition of Age of Empires set to arrive in October 2021, you might want to get your real-time strategy (RTS) juices flowing.

Games Like Age of Empires IV

Before you conquer the new campaigns brought about in AoE4, why not take a look at the following games like Age of Empires IV? Each game should provide you with that needed strategic enjoyment you desire.

1. Northgard

Many people will find RTS smash hit Northgard a fine choice to investigate when looking for games like Age of Empires IV.

Set in Nordic fantasy, this game has an interesting RTS premise. Much like AoE, you have a small group of settlers, and you can build new buildings to further your empire.

Unlike AoE, though, you are locked to a limited number of buildings per square and thus have to move around, constantly claiming new land to expand your building opportunities. This also impacts your army size, helping to scale up encounters in line with the size of your kingdom.

Available with both a fun campaign and suitable skirmish modes, there is much to love about Northgard and we would highly recommend it for that reason. Definitely one of the best RTS games around, with enough AoE-like similarities to keep you coming back for more.

2. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Though you have likely already heard of the Blizzard hit by now, StarCraft II is rightly considered a legendary RTS. The game is rich in lore, putting you in charge of a three-pronged campaign that builds on the story of the original.

In gameplay terms, it has a lot in common with the Age of Empires. You manage your resources, build up a base, form an army, and point-and-click your way through enemy defences, attacks, and more. Units have a bit more skill-based features than AoE, but Age of Empires games typically allow for larger armies.

The setting is vastly different, too, but for those looking for something different to AoE’s historical setting, this can definitely be a fun romp. StarCraft is every bit as well-regarded as Age of Empires, so it would feel remiss not to mention a fellow RTS legend.

3. Age of Mythology

Of course, if you want to play a vintage RTS that comes from the very same developers, look no further than Age of Mythology.

This fantasy-themed RTS took the Age of Empires series into the 3D realm for the first time, and done a tremendous job of adding new features. The chance to align with various Gods from Greek, Atlantean, Norse, and Egyptian mythology was incredibly good fun.

While Age of Mythology can feel its age graphically today, it more than stands the test of time as a highly enjoyable RTS game. If you are looking for games like Age of Empires IV that follow the same resource gathering, base building themes then AoM is a true vote winner.

The addition of fantastical story elements helps to further make the Age of Mythology experience a little different. However, the core AoE gameplay loop still exists to be enjoyed in full.

4. Rise of Nations

If you want to play a game that was very much an Age of Empires competitor, be sure to try out classic RTS Rise of Nations.

This game developed a large audience back in the day and is still played commonly today. The aim is to advance from the early ages to the modern age, building up from clubs and blades, to much more modern firepower.

While it is one of the best games like Age of Empires IV in that it follows the AoE theme, it also introduced the concept of territory. Areas near your settlements are your territory, and you can build unique buildings within that territory.

It is regarded as one of the best RTS games of all time, and it is easy to see why. With 8 pages to go through and 18 civilisations to try out, Rise of Nations is regarded as among the best games like Age of Empires IV for a reason.

5. Empire Earth

With Age of Empires III dividing opinion among many fans, many see Empire Earth as a more suitable 3D alternative. It is regarded as among the best games like Age of Empires IV thanks to its impressive visual style for the era.

Add in its ability to go much further in the ages of development than older AoE games allowed, and you could go from wooden granaries to concrete buildings on the same map.

It covers a whopping 500,000 years of our history and takes you from pre-history to the Nano Age. While today Empire Earth shows its limits visually, the actual RTS gameplay is still widely regarded as tremendous fun.

Most gamers who enjoy AoE but want a technological advancement more akin to Sid Meier’s Civilisation might find a home in the classic RTS title of Empire Earth.

The real-time strategy genre is seeing a huge list of titles due to come in 2021 and beyond. Why not get prepared for what looks like a new golden generation for the genre with the help of some of the best games like Age of Empires IV?

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