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3 Audible alternatives for the best audiobooks

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Audiobooks are great, you can listen to them on the move, while you’re relaxing and even keep your kids entertained with them. However, Audible, the main audiobook provider is pretty expensive.

Fortunately, there are Audible alternatives that are cheaper, have a different selection, and have different narrators! In this article, we’ll cover the best sites like Audible, each with its own benefits.

Audible alternatives

Google Audiobooks

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If you’re looking for a large, trustable name, Google is a great alternative. The tech giant offers a multitude of audiobooks from the Google Play store. What’s great is that there’s no monthly subscription fee, you buy what you want when you want.

Although the freedom of not being tied to a subscription is great, it does mean that this route could be a bit more costly for avid readers. Other services give you access to n books per month for a subscription fee, which may be more suitable for some.

If you’re looking for a one-off or targeting an audiobook that’s on sale, consider using Google Audiobooks as an alternative to the other subscription-based services.

image 6 has a similar subscription model to Audible, but in return, you’re given access to 2 new books every month rather than just one. You can trial for free, which is worth a shot if not only for the free audiobooks!

They’ve got a great mobile app, available on both iOS and Android devices. And, also give access to 90 million free podcasts.

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One of the main draws to is that they support bookstores. In an pressing times, I’m pretty sure these stores are thankful for the support.

Libro is a subscription-based service, like Audible. And, you get one book per month. A little less than you’d get on, but ultimately you’re supporting a wider cause.

When looking for suggestions, Libro is a great stop. They’ve got multiple lists, and book-seller recommendations that’re often on-trend with current affairs.

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