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CloudFlare Alternatives: 5 HYPER-FAST CDNs, DDoS Protection

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A list of cloudflare alternatives. CDNs that offer similar services that sites like CloudFlare offer.

CloudFlare is a popular CDN(content delivery network) that makes websites run faster by serving content through their hi-tech infrastructure.


akamai cloudflare alternative

One of the most well-known CDNs.

The main alternative to CloudFlare.

Serves somewhere around 25% off the entire world’s web-traffic.

Stops DDoS attacks, optimises traffic, provides firewalls.


20i cloudflare alternative

A UK-based company.

Makes use of the same internet exchange points as companies like AWS, GCP, Azure.

Enterprise-level connectivity.

Offers bunch of cool features like image resizing, compression and next-gen formats, lazy loading & minification.


arvancloud cloudflare alternative

Another super-fast, free CDN, like Cloudflare.

Their free plan includes 200GB traffic per month.

They’ve got loads of paid plans if you want to upgrade.

Currently provides services to over 30000 websites.

Security is a real focus for them.


fastly cloudflare alternative

Fastly, like CloudFlare is a CDN provider.

They do all the caching stuff that CloudFlare does.

And, they provide better support.

Though, like many CloudFlare alternatives, they do charge a fee.

They support huge companies like KAYAK, Airbnb, Spotify, Twitter, and more.


imperva cloudflare alternative

Much like CloudFlare, Imperva has a free plan.

The offer a Global CDN, DDoS protection, load balancing, and more.

It’s really quick to sign-up, only takes 5 mins.

Requires minor DNS changes like in CloudFlare.

Offers a WordPress plugin too, for you bloggers out there.

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