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5 Turn-Based Auto-Battler Games like Teamfight Tactics

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If you like the thought of outwitting your opponents with strategy and game theory.

If you love Teamfight Tactics, but want to try something else.

And, if you think you have what it takes to slaughter your opponents.

Then you’ll love these Teamfight Tactics alternatives! Lets get into it.

Games like Teamfight Tactics

1. Dota Auto Chess

Dota Auto Chess’s popularity actually led the birth of the genre of games like Teamfight Tactics–auto battlers.



Interestingly, this is actually a mod for Dota 2. It eventually led to Dota developers building their own version(covered in this guide), yet it still retains a huge userbase.

This game is played without upto 8 players, similar to Teamfight Tactics’s pool of 10 players.

There are multiple rounds, items and races. As gain experience you get even better pieces, similar to how you get higher cost units as you level up in TFT.


2. Dota Underlords

Yet another autobattler, but developed officially by Dota after they saw the success of Dota Auto Chess.



Underlords sees players play in battles with 7 other players. And, as with Teamfight tactics, the battles are automated to a certain extent. You’ll find a lot of a familiarity if you’ve played Teamfight Tactics at all, as the games largely function on the same principles.

Every time you win you lose health, exactly the same way you do in TFT. And, theres a big element of luck with regards to the "wizards" that you roll; in Dota Underlords, when you roll, you’re given 5 possible choices, a little less than in TFT, but same principle.

There are a lot of hereos from Dota 2, which might help if you’ve got some experience. But, as with League of Legends, there is some disparity and you don’t need to have played Dota to get good at the game. But, it’ll probably help taper of some of the learning curve if you do have some Dota experience.


3. Hearth Stone Battlegrounds

HearthStone added Battlegrounds, a positivly recieved game mode, in mid-late 2019 that held a lot of similarities with autochess.



You play against 8 players, and spend mana to recruit different minions, these minions battle against each other, and are upgraded as you progress through the game when you get i.e. 3 of a kind.

The different phases are similar to how it works in TFT; you go into recruit mode for 20 seconds to buy minions, and combat mode to fight against another player. The minions fight randomly until there’s a single victor left, at which point the loser has damage dealt to them. The last man standing wins. Very familiar right?

The game is pretty fun, and quite addicting, but it does lack that 3D overview that you get from TFT and the two Dota modes we covered. In a way, this gives more focus to strategy/game theory, so if that’s strikes a chord with you then give it a try!


4. League of Legends

The original game that birthed TFT. League of Legends is one of the most played games of all time.



Teamfight Tactics is a spin off League of Legends. TFT uses the exact same character pool, but only take a limited portion of champions every "set".

You actually need to download League of Legends if you’re playing on a computer or laptop, but on your mobile you can download Team Fight Tactics specifically.

The games are fairly different–playability-wise. LOL (League of Legends) is a MOBA, where you’re teamed with 9 other players. The pool of players are then split in two 2 teams; red and blue team. Each pre-selects a role beforehand, opting for: top lane, middle lane, bottom lane, bottom lane support, or jungle. The winning team is determined by who destroys the opposing team’s Nexus. To get to the Nexus you must defeat the enemy team’s towers, inhibitors, inner towers and then finally the Nexus.


5. Chess Rush

A mobile game built by TenCent, a huge China-based technology company.



Been around since 2019. One of the most underrated auto chess games. Mobile-based; available on IOS and Android.

Different game modes:

  • Turbo (faster)
  • Adventure (where you can get items to unlock features heroes)
  • Classic (takes longer)
  • Casual
  • Poker battle
  • Custom matches

Loads of customization tools; characters can be styled how you want; chessboard customisations, so you can play in a nicer environment (again like map skins in TFT); customizations are ranked A, B, S dependant on their rarity, of which there’re different star ratings for each "skin", like in TFT. You can participate in Treasure Hunt to get cosmetics.

You can see all your heroes and factions in the Codex. And you can also redeem featured hero shards. Not all enemies have the same hero line ups, which puts a nice element of randomness into the games

Select your featured heroes at the start of the game. Play both rounds vs NPCs and players; the same as you do in TFT; and earn mid-game items to empower your line-up.


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