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5 LinkTree Alternatives: Maximize Your Bio Link with These Social Media Landing Page Builders

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LinkTree isn’t the only "link aggregation tool" of its kind. In fact, there’s quite a few.

We’ve compiled the the best LinkTree alternatives that you can start using in your social media profiles so you can make the most of your bio link.

LinkTree alternatives

1. LynkFire

A screenshot of LynkFire's landing page builder

What makes LynkFire a good alternative to LinkTree?

  • It’s really simple to use. Incredibly easy to create a social media landing page for your links.
  • Looks great for both you and the customer. The user interface is aesthetic, and the page builder is fully customisable.
  • Free to use. They’ve gone above and beyond with the features in the free version.

LynkFire invite codes

At present they’re still private invite only, but if you’re a loyal AlterLister user here are some free invite codes.

  • ec89rflg3iv32b
  • sj2i2i7d48o2f8
  • zyk1ss3qr0dxtr

2. Campsite

A screenshot of Campsite Bio's landing page builder

What makes Campsite a good alternative to LinkTree?

  • Highly customizable. You can change everything from the fonts to the colours, and they’ve even provided multiple palettes you can use if you’re not that artsy. They use Canva. And to top it all off, you can even use a custom domain!
  • Basically the same price as LinkTree. It’s pretty much the same price as LinkTree, $7/month, but in terms of usage, its really unrivalled.
  • Under-priced in terms of value.

3. TapLink

A screenshot of Taplink's landing page presets

  • TapLink targets Instagram marketers. While their links will work anywhere, they’re obviously targeting the IG guys.
  • You can save time with their presets. TapLink clearly has the user in mind, and makes it incredibly easy to get started.
  • And also save a lot of money. TapLink is far cheaper than LinkTree. The subscription periods are a little longer depending on the package you opt for, but subscription fees are as low as $2.00/month.

4. Shorby

A screenshot of Shorby's landing page builder.

  • This is one of the simplest, minimalist alternatives. You literally goto their site, and immediately start filling out your profile. There are no frills, just: simply fill out your profile and share.
  • Bit more expensive than LinkTree. The basic package is around double the price of LinkTree.
  • Great if you use messenger a lot. They support a bunch of messaging apps. If you’re a merchant of some sort, this is will help secure customers with questions.

2. ContactInBio

A screenshot of ContactInBio's landing page builder

What makes ContactInBio a good alternative to LinkTree?

  • They are feature-rich. They offer a multitude of addons: forms, payments, etc.
  • You get a really powerful landing-page builder. Their “block-based” landing-page builder is a really powerful toolset to toy around with too.
  • It’s well-priced. If you’re frugal, and looking to save on cost, then go for this. It’s the cheaper option to LinkTree.
  • You can use their free option. The free version has reduced functionality but still offers enough for casual social media users. Professionals will want to upgrade.

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