5 Metamask Alternatives: Crypto Wallet Browser Extensions

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Do you need an alternative to Metamask? Whatever the reason. There are plenty of excellent Metamask alternatives out there for your browser.

We’ve considered security, intuitiveness, and effectiveness as three core indicators. And found the best Metamask alternatives.

Discover what we think are 5 of the best ones. Some are different, some work even better – but all serve as fantastic crypto wallet browser extensions.

1. Coin98


Heralded as one of the leading multi-chain wallets and Defi gateways, Coin98 is an excellent alternative. It features some of the most secure procedures to store, send and receive on 21 blockchains – including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana. Users can enjoy one of the fastest, safest crypto wallet browser extensions around.

2. XDeFi Wallet


Get control of your funds and data using XDeFi wallet. This browser extension highlights its versatility and dynamism being a cross-chain wallet. It makes life easy by allowing users to manage all your digital assets in a single application, including NFTs. XDeFi wallet, for all its functionality, doesn’t lack speed or security, either.

3. Math Wallet


Math Wallet identifies itself as the ultimate MetaMask alternative, considering that it expands on its core features. Users will be able to store over 50 blockchains and 3000+ tokens. Not to mention, it’s the only crypto wallet browser extension that supports multi-chain dApps, making Math Wallet quite the standout application.

4. Keplr


Keplr may not have all the flash features of some of the other crypto browser wallet extensions. However, its dedication to the Cosmos interchain ecosystem facilitates its stature as one of the most robust alternative wallet browser extensions. If you’re working on the Cosmos network, Keplr is a must-add to your browser.

5. Phantom Wallet


Phantom Wallet is focused on the Solana blockchain and has earned its reverence as the number one wallet for Solana/Serum-based transactions. It offers a more holistic and cleaner interface so that users can easily manage and review any exchanges. Phantom is a refreshing outlook on Defi and NFTs in a cluttered environment.

The token economy is beginning to thrive – and with that comes the demand for better crypto wallets to manage your affairs.

The 5 Metamask alternatives listed above are resources we believe are beneficial. They can help you more efficiently work with your assets and facilitate better exchanges.

Give them a try to see which of these crypto wallet browser extensions best suits you.

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