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What are the best Minetest alternatives?

We have 6 alternatives to Minetest. The best Minetest alternatives are Survivalcraft, ClassiCube, and Lego Worlds.

What is Minetest?

Minetest is a single-player and multiplayer infinite-world block sandbox game. It is available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. The gameplay of Minetest is similar to Minecraft, except it's 2D and not in a "true 3D" world. The graphics are blocky.

There are several game modes to play, including Creative, Survival, and Hardcore mode.

Additional game mods can give you additional gameplay and experiences. These range from new sets of items that alter the way your game looks, to adding more adventure-style tools for building inside caves for mining coal or iron ore for example.

Currently, the modding community is very active, and modding Minetest is easy. You can easily create your alternatives by simply adding new blocks to the game, or modifying the original existing blocks however you like.

The game can also be played offline in a single-player mode which allows you to practice building without anyone else interfering with you. Other single-player modes include playing with NPCs and allied spirits (ghosts) as well as playing as a neutral Avatar of yourself.

What platforms does Minetest run on?

Minetest runs on Windows, Mac, Android.

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Minetest alternatives

1. Survivalcraft

Survivalcraft logo
  • Category: Sandbox Games
  • Platforms: Windows Mac iOS Android
  • Tags: sandbox game
An image of Survivalcraft.

Survivalcraft is a multiplayer Minecraft-like video game that focuses on surviving the harshness of reality with your fellow survivors. To do this you must obtain resources by mining the earth and crafting weapons out of wood or stone to defend against zombies and other players alike.

The game was originally...

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2. ClassiCube

ClassiCube logo
  • Category: Sandbox Games
  • Platforms: Windows Mac Linux
  • Tags: sandbox game
An image of ClassiCube.

ClassiCube is a sandbox block game, where players can create and explore a limitless world. It also features resource gathering, building, and physics, and was designed to work with VR headset support for the Oculus Rift DK2.

ClassiCube currently runs on Windows PC with multiple languages, as well as MacOSX...

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3. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds logo
  • Category: Sandbox Games
  • Platforms: Windows Playstation XBOX
  • Tags: sandbox game
An image of Lego Worlds.

Lego Worlds is an open-world, sandbox game where you can explore, construct, and create whatever you want with Lego bricks. You can play on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

In Lego Worlds, you can explore different environments and use blocks to build things from houses to vehicles. There...

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4. The Blockheads

The Blockheads logo
  • Category: Sandbox Games
  • Platforms: iOS Android
  • Tags: sandbox game
An image of The Blockheads.

The Blockheads is a sandbox block game with a variety of different features. One can play single-player against AI versus another player, or one can also play in multiplayer mode. It supports up to four players on one device and comes with several different characters.

The game is available on...

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5. Terasology

Terasology logo
  • Category: Sandbox Games
  • Platforms: Windows Mac Linux
  • Tags: sandbox game
An image of Terasology.

Terasology Games is a block sandbox game. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The goal of the game is to create your worlds and rules while developing your civilization. Players are required to balance exploration and expansion with deliberate planning to develop sustainable systems that forge coherent societies....

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6. Voxelands

Voxelands logo
An image of Voxelands.

Voxelands is a retro-style voxel-based sandbox game that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The game is still in its very early stages of development, but it already offers a variety of fun gameplay possibilities: you can explore and interact with the blocky world around you, build a house (or...

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2022-06-22 09:45:39

Pretty good I've played it on PC, and it is truly cross platform, which means no matter which device your playing on PC or phone you connect, and mods are compatible across devices to and also if someone has a mod you don't need it installed for you to see it working on a friends world it will automatically work.