5 Movies like Borat — I Promise They’re “Very Nize”

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Borat is comedy genius, and we simply can’t get enough. Okay, it’s a pretty naughty. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy more of Sacha Baron Cohens comedy!

Fortunately, Sacha has made a number of shows like Borat. In fact, he has multiple characters. For example, Bruno (a gay Austrian fashion designer) and Ali G (a British man, that thinks he’s a gangster)!

Movies like Borat

1. Bruno

Similar to Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen plays Bruno, another alter ego. This character is a gay fashion designer from Austria. It’s a pretty funny watch, with a lot of sexual innuendoes.

2. The Dictator

The Dictator sees Sasha playing a middle-eastern dictator. The production quality is much higher than in Borat. There’s a lot of political comedy in here, and a lot of middle-east stereotyping. Also a really funny.

3. Ali G In Da House

If you haven’t seen Ali G, you’ve missed the thing that made Sacha Baron Cohen a household name. Like Borat, it’s incredibly funny. It’s a little older, but still has the potential to make you cry with laughter. Ali is a British man who culturally appropriates British-Jamaican slang and pretends to be a gangster.

4. Who is America

Who is America is a series of comedic skits by Sacha Baron Cohen. He plays multiple characters, and makes of a mockery of middle-America. It is extremely funny, and more akin to Borat. It’s hard to know whether the series is staged or real!

5. The Brothers Grimsby

A cinematic movie featuring two brothers who’re split up at birth. One becomes a secret agent, and the other becomes a broke football fan. There’s plenty of comedy, and has a few great actors in there, not just Sacha.

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