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What are the best omnigraffle alternatives?

We have 6 alternatives to omnigraffle. The best omnigraffle alternatives are yEd Graph Editor, LucidChart, and

What is omnigraffle?

OmniGraffle is an application available for Mac and iOS which allows people to make complex diagrams and flowcharts. The 7th version of this software was released in 2020 by OmniGroup. OmniGroup started as a consulting company in 1994, but they found they could better serve their clients by creating productivity software and consulting them on the back end. OmniGraffle forgoes the fancy graphics and complex methods similar programs use to create flow charts. It's perfect for the professional who wants to simply get a complex idea down clearly and concisely. The editor is packed with an assortment of tools at your disposal to quickly resize, reshape, orientate, and add connections to your diagram. The power of this software is really highlighted in its ability to seamlessly splice one element of the diagram to another and instantly rejoin connections without having to start the entire diagram over. An OmniGraffle subscription starts at $12.49 per month or $124.99 per year. A 14-day limited free trial is also available to test out the software.

What platforms does omnigraffle run on?

omnigraffle runs on Web.

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omnigraffle alternatives

1. yEd Graph Editor

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An image of yEd Graph Editor.

yEd Graph Editor is a free program that allows professionals to create diagrams that organize and process information effectively. It was created in 2010 by the company yWorks who wanted to make a user-friendly application that professionals can use to create diagrams. With yEd's powerful software you can create anything...

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2. LucidChart

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LucidChart is a web app written in HTML 5 that creates diagrams and flowcharts. It was created in 2008 by Lucid Software Inc. for professionals who want to simply create diagrams that they can easily share with other members of their organization. LucidChart has a unique feature that allows multiple...

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3. logo
An image of is a sophisticated web application that allows software developers to create visual diagrams that organize and categorize information in a simplified way. It was created in 2019 by Blockshop which wanted to create a more streamlined workflow for developers to be able to create diagrams. Gleek's approach to creating...

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4. logo
An image of is a free web application that makes it easy to create beautiful and engaging flowcharts and diagrams. It was created in 2000 by Gaudenz Alder who wanted to create a user-friendly solution for business people to communicate their ideas simply and effectively. All you have to do is pull...

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5. xMind

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An image of xMind.

XMind is a software which executes mind mapping and brainstorming capabilities. It was developed by XMind Ltd. Included with the management elements are functionalities like thinking clarification, idea capture, management of intricate information, and the promotion of team collaboration. There is a free version wherein users can insert markers, notes,...

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6. PlantUML

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An image of PlantUML.

PlantUML is a free software application available for Windows, Mac, and Linux that makes it easy for software developers to create sequence diagrams. It was created in 2009 by Amaud Roques who desired to make an easier way for developers to create complex UML sequences. PlantUML makes it easy to...

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I can use this to create exactly what I need for my project. It is also very easy to setup and manage. Updates are frequent enough so that you know the program is still being supported.