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7 PC Games like CyberPunk 2077 Available on Steam

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I get it. Cyberpunk is a number of things. Notably: expensive, laggy, buggy. And you’re not the only person to have sought out some alternatives to Cyberpunk.

PC Games like CyberPunk avaliable on Steam

There is no denying that there are quality elements that drew you to Cyberpunk 2077 initially. Those attributes aren’t unique to Cyberpunk though. You can find them in many games available on Steam.

1. ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’

When it comes to open-world games with a tonne of violence, GTA.

Honestly. If you haven’t given it a go yet, try it.

GTA pretty much made open-world carnage-packed RPGs what they are today. And CyberPunk has obviously taken a huge amount of influence from the GTA franchise.

It’s one of the most popular games series ever made. They are incredibly fun to play and will have you hooked faster than crack.

2. ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’

If it’s an open world you’re looking to explore, Final Fantasy 7 is perfect.

Futuristic elements with its own unique definitive feel.

There’s a big focus on combat, with guns, powers, hacking, slashing, bashing and mashing. And it’s all-welded into a perfectly executed masterpiece of a game.

3. ‘Ruiner’

Ruiner combines multiple elements you’ll have enjoyed from Cyberpunk:

Brutal gameplay. Futures environment. Insane weapons.

But there is a slightly different contrast. It’s played top-down, which is different to Cyberpunk. This allows far more carnage and way more button-bashing than you’ll find in any first-person shooter.

4. ‘Watch Dogs 2’

Set in the future in a number of Bay Area neighbourhoods. There’s a large focus on hacking smart devices throughout the city; you to control peoples’ cars, drones, cranes, planes. And the game offers a number of multiplayer modes; co-op games and PVP in shared open-world scenarios too.

5. ‘CloudPunk’

You play as a delivery driver in a cyberpunk world, travelling around delivering “packages” in a flying vehicle. There are elements of The Transporter(the Jason Statham movie): You take Package from A to B. And don’t look in Package.

They’ve done a great job at immersing the user in a futuristic neon environment. Perfect for enthusiasts of this type of atmosphere in games.

6. ‘Prey’

Instead of roaming the streets, Prey immerses the user in outer space. It’s pulled an insane number of positive reviews, its a brilliant to play. The storyline develops on a space station when an experiment has gone wrong. And you, and the rest of the people on board, are hunted by aliens.

7. ‘GhostRunner’

Strictly single-player, but elegantly executed. Ghostrunner is fast-paced and violent. A little more futuristic than cyberpunk, with plenty of action.

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