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Top 5 Phantom Wallet alternatives

If you're looking for alternatives to Phantom Wallet, you're in the right place. We've compiled a list of the best Phantom Wallet alternatives for you. Including: Keplr , Math Wallet , and XDefi Wallet.

Top 5 alternatives to Phantom Wallet
  1. Keplr
  2. Math Wallet
  3. XDefi Wallet
  4. Coin98 Wallet
  5. Metamask

Phantom Wallet logo 1. Keplr

  • Platforms: WebWindowsMaciOSAndroid
  • Features: cryptocurrency wallet

Keplr Wallet is one of the leading wallets for the Cosmos ecosystem which allows you to manage all your tokens using one wallet. It was launched back in October 2021 by Chinapsis.

This browser extension wallet is simple and easy to use by everyone. At the moment, it supports CertiK, Agoric, Bostrom, Akash, Sifchain, and many others. For you to keep all your transactions private and safe, it is ideal to perform them offline.

The private keys are usually encrypted and stored in your computer safely.

It features a vote on governance proposals, token supports, and so on. Therefore, if it is your first time using this app, you do not need to worry about the safety of your data because it does not collect, log or store your data.

Each time you need to explore any blockchain applications on Cosmos ecosystem or any other, this app assures you of more convenient operations.

Keplr alternatives
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Phantom Wallet logo 2. Math Wallet

  • Platforms: WebWindowsMaciOSAndroid
  • Features: cryptocurrency wallet

MathWallet is one of the multi-chain platforms that offer support for over 60 blockchains such as BinanceChain, Solana, Filecoin, Polkadot, ETH, BTC, etc., and currently has attracted over 1.2 users globally. The app of the platform is available for both Android and iOS users. It is usable for sending and receiving SOL tokens. Some key features with this platform are; ease to send tokens, Comes up with fully client-side wallets, and It supports all types of DeFi DApps.

In other words, Math Wallet is a cross-chain and multi-chain blockchain hub for storing assets. The main investors that the platform boasts include; NGC Ventures, Multi-coin Capital, Fundamental Labs, Binance Labs, Alameda Research, and Fenbushi. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store to be able, to visually see the Solana environment using your mobile device. Remember that Math Wallet is just an extension wallet that can accommodate multi-chain DeFi DApps.

Math Wallet alternatives
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Phantom Wallet logo 3. XDefi Wallet

  • Platforms: WebWindowsMaciOSAndroid
  • Features: cryptocurrency wallet

XDEFI Wallet is a popular multi-chain browser extension. It’s available on Brave (Firefox) and Chrome. Founded in 2020 by David Phan and Emile Dubie, the wallet aims to serve DeFi and NFT users. This innovative product is the only wallet in the world with integrations on Ethereum, THORchain, Terra, and various EVM networks.

Best of all, the XDEFI Wallet is a decentralized/non-custodial wallet. That means users have full control over their data and finances. The wallet employs enhanced security. So, you can send, store, and receive cryptocurrencies without issues. It also allows connections to decentralized applications. You can additionally swap cryptocurrencies and access De-Fi (decentralized finance) products.

The XDEFI Wallet is the fastest gateway for THORchain, Ethereum, and Terra. It’s engineered for the multi-chain era and currently allows connections to nine blockchains. Popular blockchain names include THORchain, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Chain, and Bitcoin. The wallet aims to add more blockchains soon.

XDefi Wallet alternatives
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Phantom Wallet logo 4. Coin98 Wallet

  • Platforms: WebWindowsMaciOSAndroid
  • Features: cryptocurrency wallet

Coin98 wallet is the number one multi-chain, non-custodial wallet, and De-Fi gateway. Developed by Coin98 Labs in 2020, the product is available as a web and mobile app for IOS and android. It seamlessly connects users to the digital currency world safely and securely. As the wallet is non-custodial, users have complete control over their money.

Although many Crypto wallets exist, most of them lag on security grounds. Coin98 wallet outsmarts others in this respect by ensuring better protection through multiple approaches such as TouchId, FaceID, or traditional passwords. In addition to this, it has a feature-rich add-on. This specific addition allows you to manage multiple portfolios and stay updated with the latest market trends.

Coin98 wallet provides convenient, fast, and secure processes of sending, storing, and receiving crypto payments on 21 blockchains. Popular blockchain names include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and many others. The wallet is expected to add more blockchains in the coming years to attain its goal of De-Fi mass adoption.

Coin98 Wallet alternatives
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Phantom Wallet logo 5. Metamask

  • Platforms: WebWindowsMaciOSAndroid
  • Features: cryptocurrency wallet

Metamask is a browser-based tool that allows users to create, send, and receive untraceable transactions in the bitcoin world. It has been around since November 2014 and is free to use.

Metamask operates in the same way that other cryptocurrency wallets, such as Coinomi or Ledger Nano S, do: by using a “private key” which is your password-protected web wallet address, accessed via a password . Users have full control over their keys and can perform any transaction on Metamask.

Unlike other wallets with no access control , Metamask does not store your private keys directly on your computer; instead it stores them on servers that are geographically isolated from your computer. This prevents any damage done to the computer from being replicated across multiple computers. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers to steal your coins if they manage to break into one of these servers — but you can still activate two factor authentication on Metamask if you want additional security measures like two-factor authentication.

Metamask alternatives
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