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5 BEST Robinhood alternatives for Trading Crypto in 2021

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After Robinhood’s fall from grace, and, the huge parabolic rise of cryptocurrencies, there are many people left looking for the best places to trade crypto.

Robinhood alternatives for crypto trading

1. Binance

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Without a shadow of a doubt, the first place you should be looking is Binance. Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange available, and they have a multitude of leveraged products.

2. ByBit

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If you’re looking for a simple application for leveraged crypto trading, ByBit is perfect. It has a beautiful user-friendly interface. As an added bonus, there’s a huge number of rewards for first-time users that amount to hundreds of dollars.

3. IG

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Like Robinhood, IG offers a multitude of different financial instruments. But, they also offer exposure to some cryptocurrencies. IG is perfect if you’re looking for a more secure, professional broker.

4. Kraken

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Similar to Binance and ByBit, Kraken is solely focussed on cryptocurrencies. Though similarly with IG, it is professional and security focussed. If you’re looking to deal big in crypto, Kraken is perfect.

5. eToro

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This user-friendly trading app is perfect for beginners. They offer a number of different cryptos to trade and is more akin to Robinhood in that they have simple, quick and comfortable software. Though they aren’t crypto-focused, they’ve got more cryptos than Robinhood!

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