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Robinhood Alternatives: 3 PROFIT-MULTIPLYING Brokers

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Robinhood is a popular trading app that allows people to trade commission-free. However, it’s not available in the UK, as they recently scrapped plans to release it here. So, what are the the best alternatives to Robinhood for UK traders?

This article will explore sites and applications like Robinhood where you can trade financial instruments without paying commissions or extra fees.

We’ll be adding more to this list as we find them. Please suggest any alternatives in the comments, and we’ll get them added to this list!

Trading212 is a beginner-friendly, well-built, commission-free trading platform available to UK clients and many other countries.

Learn. Trade. Invest. - Trading 212
The Trading212 mobile app. It’s really well-built, and simple to use.

They offer multiple pathways into trading: CFDs, shares and ISAs.

Get a Free Share Worth Up To £100 With Trading 212 - Pounds and Sense
Account types available on Trading212

They’ve got pretty decent minimum trade limits of 0.01 lots, and fairly tight spreads. But more to the point, they offer absolutely commission free trading across a range of asset classes. You can start investing from “just £1”.

Not only do they all clients from the UK, but they also accept a whole host of other traders. Australia, Thailsan, South Africa, Singapore and more. They don’t, however, accept clients from United States and Canada.


  • Great signup bonuses
  • User-friendly
  • Lots of instruments to trade

These guys have been around for a while now, and they offer a good range of instruments you can trade.

It is an Isreal-based company, but don’t be deterred. They’re listed on the London stock-exchange. And, they’re regulated by both the UK & Australian Financial Authorities.

The Plus500 software is great on multiple platforms. And they’ve got a free themes for you to use, to get the best experience.

Plus500 has a few things you should be aware of before you signup. They charge inactivity fees, £10 per month,so make sure you login at least once per month (not a huge ask).

Some of the main pros of Plus500 are their ease of use, quick sign up and their welcome bonuses. You can get free capital for signing-up without depositing, and you can get deposit bonuses if/when you decide to bolster your account.


If you’re looking for commission-free trading, FreeTrade makes it possible. They’re especially easy to get started with, and have a wide range of assets.

They’ve won an award for being the best online trading platform. It’s a safe, FCA regulated platform. With FCSC stock-broker protection too.

Not only do they offer UK stocks, but they also offer USA stocks. Like Amazon, Google, Tesla, and all the main ones you’ll be interested in.

And, they offer mobile apps on both iOS and Android. The user-interface is really sleek. It’s simple to use. But, still has all the expected powerful features of popular trading platforms.

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