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What are the best SushiSwap alternatives?

We have 5 alternatives to SushiSwap. The best SushiSwap alternatives are Uniswap, Binance DEX, and PancakeSwap.

What is SushiSwap?

SushiSwap is a DEX launched in 2020, running on Eth with the governance token Sushi, founded by anonymous Chinese and French Chef Nomi and OxMaki. SushiSwap was a lookalike fork of UniSwap's AMM and liquidity farming, with parts of Compound Finance and Yam finance. Added functionality vs Uniswap includes running over 16 blockchains, compared to 4 on Uniswap. as well as lending, staking, and a vault, SushiSwap also tweaked liquidity payments to favour initial investors, while UniSwap's system allowed larger investors to take more. SushiSwap had a lot of controversies, released with unaudited code (soon audited) and growing very rapidly with 2,500% payments on locked funds. Then Chef Nomi withdrew $14MM of developer funds, roiling the market and community, before retiring and handing SushiSwap over to Sam Bankman Fried of FTX. Later, SushiSwap became the largest DEX as users migrated over a billion dollars of funds from UniSwap to SushiSwap, which was named a "Vampire Attack." After this, Chef Nomi returned the dev funds. As of this writing, SushiSwap is the 12th largest DEX by volume.

What platforms does SushiSwap run on?

SushiSwap runs on Web.

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SushiSwap alternatives

1. Uniswap

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  • Category: Decentralized Exchanges
  • Platforms: Web
  • Tags: decentralized exchangedexethereum dexpolygon dexoptimism dexarbitrum dex
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Uniswap is the big daddy of the decentralized exchanges, with by far the largest volumes. Uniswap was launched in 2018 as the first ERC-20 DEX running on the Ethereum network. Uniswap is an AMM, an automated market maker, with among the highest TVL, or total value locked in collateral provided...

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2. Binance DEX

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Binance DEX is a decentralized exchange released in 2020, running on the Binance blockchain. The parent company of Binance DEX is of course Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange, and their DEX has grown rapidly. Binance DEX is decentralized, and like most DEXs does not accept fiat deposits, does not...

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3. PancakeSwap

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PancakeSwap is an AMM DEX, or automated market maker decentralized exchange, which was launched in 2020 running natively to the Binance or BNB blockchain. CAKE is the native token of PancakeSwap, and can be used in the ecosystem for staking, trading, yield farming, and playing in a lottery, as well...

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4. BakerySwap

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  • Category: NFT Marketplaces
  • Platforms: Web
  • Tags: nft marketplacedexcrypto launchpad
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BakerySwap is a fully automated marketplace where you can design, buy, or sell NFTs. This marketplace runs on the Binance Smart Chain and has its own token called BakerySwap tokens (BAKE). It offers Defi services as well as being a crypto launchpad and NFT supermarket that hosts memes, art pieces,...

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5. 1Inch

1Inch logo
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1Inch is a DEX, or decentralized exchange, as well as the 1Inch governance token, used to control the 1Inch Dao, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The 1Inch network was launched in 2019, and the token in 2020. 1Inch's mission is to optimize trading across blockchains by searching for the best prices...

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2022-06-21 19:20:50

SushiSwap offers many benefits to DeFi users. It is a platform that facilitates tokens swapping and contribution to liquidity pools. It also offers lower transaction fees than many centralized exchanges. SushiSwap users incur a 0.3% fee for joining any liquidity pool.