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What are the best TickTick alternatives?

We have 6 alternatives to TickTick. The best TickTick alternatives are Trello, Notion, and Todoist.

What is TickTick?

TickTick is a task management app that helps users to keep track of their tasks, and to stay organized with their agenda. This platform is an effective to-do list management app which helps the users to schedule and manage their time. TickTick offers an excellent free account; however, you can enjoy its premium features for as low as $2.79 per month or $27.99 a year. Most of the users of the TickTick Premium are teachers, educators, and students where they get 25% off. They get the reduced pricing for the annual payment and enjoy full access to the app's all-in-one management features. This app works perfectly fine with Google Calendar, iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Once you successfully subscribe, events listed from these calendars will sync in to your TickTick Calendar. This app is available for free and it syncs across Mac, Androind, and iOS. All of its user data, task details, and payment details are stored and encrypted so all of your data is fully protected.

What platforms does TickTick run on?

TickTick runs on Web, iOS, Android.

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TickTick alternatives

1. Trello

Trello logo
An image of Trello.

Trello is a web-based to-do-list project management tool that is used for managing any type of project, tasks, and workflow where its users can add files, checklists, and add customizations. This is known as the most user-friendly project management tool with its intuitive drag-and-drop management interface that enables everyone to...

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2. Notion

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  • Category: Blogs
  • Platforms: Web
  • Tags: databaseblogtodo listwiki
An image of Notion.

Notion provides an easy-to-navigate management platform for bloggers. You can write and edit your posts before they become publicly accessible, allowing for an increase in quality content. Your progress is trackable and consistency is guaranteed with the use of templates. The whole article creation process is catered for in some...

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3. Todoist

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  • Category: Todo List Managers
  • Platforms: Web Windows Mac iOS Android
  • Tags: kanbantodo list
An image of Todoist.

Todoist is an online to-do-list productivity tool that helps you become focused, organized, and productive for your projects. This is known today as the best to-do list according to The Verge, with its 25 million users worldwide. This tool is widely used for planning and collaborating on both small and...

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4. Google Keep

Google Keep logo
An image of Google Keep.

Google Keep is a note-taking service that lets you connect and sync your notes with other web-based Google Programs like Google Calendar and Google Docs. It can be used in any web browser or downloaded on your Android or iOS device. If you are using a desktop PC, you can...

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5. CherryTree

CherryTree logo
  • Category: Text Editors
  • Platforms: Windows Mac Linux
  • Tags: text editortodo listnote takingcode editor
An image of CherryTree.

CherryTree is a note-taking application that features rich text, highlighting, image handling, and hyperlinks with its import and export in multiple formats. This is a free hierarchical app that works well on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It helps the user to organize all the notes, bookmarks, personal information, and source...

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6. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote logo
  • Category: Todo List Managers
  • Platforms: Web Windows Mac iOS Android
  • Tags: todo listnote taking
An image of Microsoft OneNote.

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook where you can store your stored ideas, thoughts, and to-do lists in one place and sync them to all your devices. With this software, you can automatically store, sync your notes, and share these notebooks on OneDrive using your free Microsoft account. You can...

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2022-06-21 17:13:03

If you have light collaboration needs, then TickTick is a good option. I most like the widget for android, where I can have all my daily tasks at a finger distance. Eisenhour matrix new option its great to systematic priorization.