2 TrueCrypt Alternatives Boasting Military-Grade Drive Encryption

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TrueCrypt, famously, flicked the switch, and stopped putting updates out.

But, at least they left us with something …

They left us with a message that "TrueCrypt software is no longer safe".

People were forced to use random alternatives–alternatives that hadn’t been researched yet, or worse, alternatives that they had to pay for! The cheek of it! Paying for file encryption !? Spits.

But rest assured, there’re other options for you to encrypt your files and drives with.

Lo’ an behold, I present unto thee …

The Best TrueCrypt alternatives

1. VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is the most popular TrueCrypt fork

A screenshot of VeraCrypt--file-encryption software used as one of many TrueCrypt alternatives.

Key Pointers

What makes VeraCrypt a good TrueCrypt alternative?

Forked from TrueCrypt – After TrueCrypt stopped development, VeraCrypt was forked. VeraCrypt is the best alternative to TrueCrypt if you’re looking for something similar. It uses the same codebase. You will find a lot of similarities between the two applications.

Safe to use – The difference is that VeraCrypt is up to date and TrueCrypt is not. Several bugs and updates have been included in VeraCrypt. It is also safer to use TrueCrypt; TrueCrypt has said that their software is not safe to use.

2. CipherShed

CipherShed is a free encryption program.

CipherShed--a free alternative to TrueCrypt.

Key pointers

What makes CipherShed a good alternative to TrueCrypt?

Forked from TrueCrypt’s codebase – It’s very similar to TrueCrypt. Like VeraCrypt, it forked from TrueCrypt’s codebase. The layout is almost identical.

Open-source software – The software is completely open-source. Transparency is important when trusting your encryption. Closed source software packages should be avoided.

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